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Lampas Foundation is a non-governmental organization of social assistance endowed by the Western (Királyhágómellék) Reformed Church District from Romania.

It’s a faith-based organization working together with various state institutions, NGOs, churches, national and international partners for a sustainable development and for the well-being of the vulnerable groups, allowing them to live under dignified circumstances, where human rights are respected.

Lampas Foundation carries out various programs and social services in order to protect victims of domestic violence and potential victims of human trafficking.

  • to protect victims of domestic violence through offering social, psychological and legal counseling, to raise awareness among vulnerable groups and to build up a local network of state institutions, civil society and churches.
  •  to protect potential victims of human trafficking, to raise awareness of this phenomenon among general public, social organizations and mass-media and to sustain the institutional capacity of organizations dealing with this issue by contributing to the development of a cooperation network.