Team-oriented diaconal training

Diaconal network

Besides the own projects, the Lampas Foundation's responsibility is the representation and advocacy of the other foundations and diaconal initiations, belonging to the Church District. Together we can mediate and protect our interests more effectively.

Jointly we can also facilitate to build furthermore our relationships with the European and overseas churches, bearing in mind, our local specificity, to become more involved in the ecumenical Church's diaconal services.

In our Church District every diaconal initiative and foundation activity was emerged independently from the Church District, in the last 20 years. These initiatives and foundations are caught under umbrella by the Lampas Foundation.

The Diaconal Lampas Foundation's services include the facilitation and encouragement of our foundations' and congregations’ operation, by purchasing and forwarding the up-to-date information, on Church District's and Diocese forums and publications.


  • Common and effective representation of our interests
  • More effective lobby work
  • Organizing  professional meetings
  • Reciprocal support.

Our foundations and diaconal initiatives are carrying out their charitable activities in the following areas:

  • Homecare for the elderly
  • Retirement Home
  • Children's home
  • Caring for persons with disabilities
  • Social kitchen
  • Elderly day-care centre
  • Medical and social care centre.