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Lampas Foundation is a non-governmental organization of social assistance endowed by the Western (Királyhágómellék) Reformed Church District from Romania.

It is a registered, independent, non-governmental organization. It also appears as umbrella organization, embracing the other diaconal activities in the Church District. This umbrella organization is trying to build partnership with the entity engaged in diaconal activities.

The Foundation's aim is to provide social support for persons in need by its specific assets, to look for and reach people with personal, domestic, social and community problems.


Lampas Foundation established a Community Information and Counselling Centre in 2010, starting its activity in the field of prevention of human trafficking. In 2014 started a program in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence. Nowadays we are dedicated and committed in both fields of activity.

The foundation’s aim is to attain the Christian truth: Carry each other's burdens. For us, in the 21st century, it means a common and unified advocacy.