Training for Raising Awareness and Understanding about the Trafficking of Humans in Europe


The project was funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, Transfer of Innovation and is implemented in period October 2013 – September 2015.


Contractor: The Sheffield College (UK)

Co-ordinator: Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK)

The main objective of this project was to transfer and adapt a raising awareness course “Human Traffic Uncovered” in the prevention of human trafficking from United Kingdom to partner countries of Romania, Greece, Italy, to workers in social work sector organizations where they are dealing with people who could be vulnerable/victims of human trafficking.

This online course has 5 e-learning modules, including introduction to human trafficking, forms of exploitation, trafficking indicators, methods of control used by traffickers, vulnerability to trafficking, global and European responses, along with Romania's response to this phenomenon and assistance of victims in Romania.

The Human Trafficking Uncovered online course was adapted to the target group needs in each country the project was developed.

This was a pilot course, it was in the testing phase with the relevant target group members using a blended learning programme combining face to face delivery (introductory seminar), e-learning and Learning Sets (face to face groups for reflective learning). The adapted versions of the e -learning course is available in all partner languages – English, Italian, Greek, Romanian and Hungarian. A European Online Academy for trainers and professionals working to raise awareness of human trafficking with content in all partner languages is available.

The course was successful, learners were content with the course, their knowledge in the field of prevention and combating of human trafficking was highly improved, which knowledge will help them in their day-to-day activity in the personal and professional life, and using this information they can be activists in this domain, and participate in the prevention work, by raising awareness on the prevention and combating of human trafficking. Ongoing opportunities to meet and network could potentially be important in helping to raise awareness and understanding of the issue and, if practically possible, a networking group could be an option for the ongoing sustainability of the project.