Team-oriented diaconal training

“Team-oriented diaconal” training 

The project “Team-oriented diaconal” training started in 2019, with the support of the Evangelical Church in Rheinland, program - Hope for Eastern Europe, through Tuwas Genossenschaft e.G. organization and the Western (Királyhágómellék) Reformed Church District from Romania.

This project is implemented within the diaconal network of Lampas Foundation and focuses on building a strong social service workforce, offering a variety of learning pathways and on-the-job training opportunities. The diaconal network of Lampas Foundation embraces the diaconal and social initiatives in the congregations and also the different foundations and associations endowed by the Western Reformed Church District from Romania.


The “Team-oriented diaconal” training goals:

• Professional qualification

• Personal growth

• Balance between work and self-care

• Developing and strengthening teamwork

• Networking throughout the Lampas area

• Diaconal organizational development.


The training comprises at least 80 hours divided into 8 modules:

Basic modules for everyone:

Module 1: Health promotion/ stress management/ counseling (as self-care and caring for others). (2x8 hours)

Module 2: Teamwork and conflict management. (2x8 hours)

Module 3: professional training (2 are mandatory):

Subject-related modules for employees working with children/youth:

3a. Module - Developmental Psychology. Networking development. (8 hours)

3b. Module - Experiential pedagogy. Age-specific pedagogy. (8 hours)

3c. Module - Experienced traumas, cultural identity, pedagogical challenges. (8 hours)

Subject-related modules for employees working with elderly people:

              3a. Module - Quality of life in old age, Fragility, Illness, Mourning. (8 hours)

              3b. Module - Quality of life in old age with dementia and depression. (8 hours)

              3c. Module - Frequent death, a classic theme in care for the elderly. (8 hours)

Module 4: Coaching.

  4a. Module -Team coaching (4 hours, as required).

  4b. Module - Individual coaching for managers (as required).

Module 5: Case discussions.

  5a. Module - Case discussions for employees working with children/youths. (2x4 hours)

  5b. Module - Case discussions for employees working with elderly people. (2x4 hours)

Module 6: Regional group meetings.

Module 7: Diaconal days.

Module 8: Own project work, which can be supervised, if desired, and receives feedback from a colleague. Deepening through practical project.

You can obtain more detailed documents from the project manager Judit Vinczéné Pálfi.


Outcome of the project:

The training sessions contribute to the development of skills in the social field, being a good opportunity for exchange of experience and knowledge between colleagues working in different social areas, sharing good-practices, reflecting on progress and learning through sharing cases, honing critical refection, analysis and personal development skills, while supporting the ability to determine the impact of professional interventions in social care services.



  • Project manager Romania: Vinczéné Pálfi Judit


Tel: + 40 741 179 307

  • Project manager Germany: Dr. Carmen Birkholz


Tel.: + 49 201 799 1950

  • Sponsor of the project: Ev. Church in the Rhineland via Tuwas Genossenschaft e.G., Moers: Rainer Tyrakowski-Freese


Tel.: + 49 2841 7884741

  • Steering Committee:

Carmen Birkholz, Judit Vincze, Rainer Tyrakowski-Freese