Sensitization about domestic violence and counselling victims


With the support of HEKS from Switzerland the general objective of this project is to prevent and combat domestic violence through strengthening the existing network and contributing to the development of national and international networks; to raise awareness on this phenomenon; to inform and educate the society and to identify and to assist the victims of domestic violence.

Most important activities:

  • informing the existing partners of Lampas Foundation about the new project and establishing common point of interest;
  • elaborating informational materials: poster and leaflet;
  • the most relevant state and public institutions and NGOs in this field were addressed by different meetings, in order to inform them about the project, giving them informational materials and establishing common points of interest in the planning of future activities in order to address the best possible way the target group needs;
  • participating in meetings with the representatives of the women’s association from the church to inform them about our services and about the possibility of contacting us in need, referring to us victims;
  • organizing awareness raising activities for vulnerable groups in order to be informed about domestic violence and how to reduce the risk to become victim;
  • offering social, psychological and legal counselling to the victims of domestic violence.