OPEN for young women


Lampas Foundation implemented the OPEN project in the period 2011 – 2017. It was an international prevention, counseling and support project for young women between 18-30 years of age from Eastern Europe with the purpose to prevent human trafficking (sexual and labor exploitation). The project was based on a network of counselling centers in Ukraine, Romania and Germany, where young women were counselled competently before migration, during their stay in Germany and when returning to their country of origin, so that they gained sustainable perspectives and orientation. That project offered information and protection against human trafficking, information and support related to international programs: volunteer service, internships and au-pair, counselling and support during the stay in Germany, even in crisis and emergency situations, networking of Eastern European and German VIJ counselling centers and training of counsellors. The project was implemented with the financial support of Bread for the World, in cooperation with the following project partners:

  • Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit (VIJ) Stuttgart, München, Nürnberg – Germany
  • Lampas Foundation, Oradea, Romania
  • La Strada, Ukraine.

During the close cooperation with the financing partner, Brot für die Welt, Lampas Foundation has decided to develop a new project proposal, which, even though has similar topic, it is more related to the profile of the foundation. The management of Lampas Foundation has decided to submit this new project proposal which will address the issue of human trafficking.

The networking with La Strada Ukraine and Vij Germany will continue also in the future on the topic of human trafficking, but each organization will have its own project and management.

The most important achievement is this project:

  • organizing many information sessions in schools, high schools and vocational schools to raise awareness about human trafficking;
  • organizing prevention campaigns and distribution of informational materials targeting young people (students, workers, unemployed);
  • counselling, orienting and informing graduating students, employees, unemployed people about the risks of human trafficking, the proper working conditions, rights and responsibilities on the labour market, national and international legislation, legal ways of employment;
  • mediation to counselling centres and other organizations that can offer further information and support for the target group;
  • organizing many workshops and seminars targeting representatives of churches, NGOs, trade unions, institutes of education and various state institutions in order to increase their capacity to address the problem of trafficking and for exchange of experience with the purpose of identifying effective methods of reducing the vulnerability of risk groups.