Get informed! Prevention of human trafficking!


Vulnerable groups of the population in Bihor County that might be potentially affected by human trafficking know how to protect themselves from this phenomenon. The project is supported by Bread for the World from Germany.

Direct target groups: people with intention to migrate, persons in need for information:  unemployed persons searching for jobs, persons with low socio-economical background, senior students from high schools and vocational schools.

Persons/entities involved in the labor market (county employment agency, trade unions, border police and other law enforcement authorities), multipliers/local activists/ opinion leaders (mass media, church representatives, teachers, politicians), specialists on human trafficking (NGOs, national agencies, international organizations dealing with human trafficking).

Indirect target groups: the general public in Bihor County. We intend to reach the general public in Bihor County in order to break the circle of considering the issue of trafficking as a taboo theme.


  • Monthly updating the website/social media with useful information both for professionals and vulnerable groups about HT;
  • Updating and/or elaborating and printing informational materials (leaflets, posters, bags, pens, t-shirts, umbrellas etc.);
  • Disseminating the informational materials at different events and at different institutions;
  • Conduct informational sessions in schools and universities;
  • Organizing round table meetings in the church and in the community about the prevention of HT and attending different events where our foundation will be invited in order to raise awareness on HT;
  • Training students to take action against HT and involving them in different prevention activities (street actions, developing posters, disseminating flyers etc.);
  • Organizing street actions;
  • Organizing round-table meetings for specialists;
  • Organizing network meetings with our partners and/or attending meetings organized by our partners for exchange of experience and knowledge;
  • Organizing training for specialists from different fields;
  • Organizing field visits to our partners from abroad;
  • Project staff attending trainings, team meetings developing new skills in project management, communication in the field of preventing HT.